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We Just Gave This Track a Stamp of Approval. But Why?

Updated: Mar 2, 2019

Just checked out this song. "Grind And Pray"by Pe$o Benjies and Paul Bonnick.

At first I thought this song should have been shot in a club. The kind of club where everywhere you look, all you see is beautiful women having the time of their lives.

room filled with smoke, as they stumble outside, from what we know has been a night of partying, the sun rising in the background as they all jump in the car to do it all again"

that would have been what the video looked like if I shot it....

after all you know the saying


The quality of the video wan't bad. but could have used more lights

(which was another reason why a daytime shoot in my opinion....

but its easy to talk trash so i''l stop). after all, now a days the artist are also the director.

In my opinion this was most likely the artist vision.

In the videographers defense, the over head footage and the inverted shots were pretty dope.

7/10 for visuals

This could easily be a club banger!

The Beat is absolutely Bunkers.

8/10 for Beat

The artists seem to have good chemistry.

The song has a really catchy chorus/Bridge.


But most important

both artists came to the table with super dope verses.

Pe$o Benjies starts off the track with the hook, then jumps into what seems like

a bridge after 4 bars then drop 16 bars of fire...

after the second hook and what i'm still not sure was the bridge.

he does it again. another heavy 16 Bars form Pe$o,

then to knock the would thing out of the park Paul Bonnick. this guy never disappoint. He came to add a more rugged vibe to the overall tracks. He starts with 8 bars clearly expressing the anger of loosing a close friend, then 8 bars in a more melodic flow, which brings the song back to its initial feeling.

8/10 for verse

Overall We consider this track "Underrated"

-William Lee

"Grind And Pray" - Pe$o Benjies x Paul Bonnick

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